Leaked Docs Prove Deep State Drones Conspired Against Trump

A new report was leaked by the Washington Post revealing that U.S. General Mark Milley secretly made military concessions behind former President Donald Trump’s back, assuring his buddy Li Zuocheng, General of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army that he would give them advance warning if Trump chose to launch an attack. The phone calls were secretive in nature, and promised the Chinese government that he would defend them against Trump if the president chose to take action.

A new book authored by Bob Woodward, associate editor at the Washington Post and Robert Costa, a national political reporter, revealed that Milley promised safety to his Chinese military counterpart in two secret phone calls.

One of the calls was made on October 30th of 2020, a mere four days before the election. The other call was made on January 8th of 2021.

Milley told his buddy Li that he wished to give assurance that America was “stable… everything is going to be okay.” He added that the U.S. would under no circumstance “attack or conduct… kinetic operations.”

According to the book, Milley promised that if an invasion were started by the President, that he would personally warn General Li. Milley reportedly brought up the two’s long rapport and said that he would “call… ahead of time,” assuring Li that he would never face a “surprise” attack.

The author’s of the book defend Milley’s actions as admirable, saying that he “took action” to ensure that war could not erupt based on the behavior of “an unpredictable and vengeful… president.” Milley also instructed the admiral in charge of U.S. Indo-Pacific Command to hold off military exercised in the region as an extra sign of military cowing.

Furthermore, it’s reported that Milley held a secret meeting of senior officers at which he took the oath of each that they would disregard orders from Trump to use nuclear weapons, instead, pledging fealty to himself for the use of such power.

In very straightforward terms, Milley instructed the military to obey himself and ignore the duly elected commander-in-chief of the United States. This is textbook treason, and the news of his faithless acts have increased demands for his resignation and even arrest.

Author: Simon Reed