Kamala’s Trip To The Border Couldn’t Come At a Worse Time — For Her

Our ‘lovely’ leading lady, Mrs. Kamala Harris, has finally found time in her oh-so-busy schedule to visit the Mexico-U.S. border. She’s heading down on Friday after spending the last six months doing everything, she can to avoid the area, even after Joe asked her to be front and center on the issues of illegal aliens.

Kamala is heading to El Paso, Taxas along with the secretary of HSS, Alejandro Maryorka. She’s making the trip just days before Donald Trump, the former President of the United States is expected to visit the border, which is sometime next week.

Kamala’s been on defense every time someone asks her why she hasn’t visited the border, as illegals cross in more and more droves every day that Biden’s been in office. The last time Kamala was asked about the border by Lester Holt, she had a quite awkward response, telling him she hadn’t been to Europe yet either and didn’t understand his point.

While many new agencies are reporting that Kamala is taking to the border in response to Republicans pushing the issues, the truth is that Democrats have been asking Kamala to take control of the crisis as well.

Henry Ceuller, a Democrat Congressman from Texas, lives in Laredo, a border town. He sent Kamala a letter last week asking her to come and observe the crisis that’s happening to the people who live in these border towns.

The Sheriff of Val Verde Country, Mr. Joe Frank Martinez, has also been public in his criticism of Biden and his administration, stating that everyone in the town feels “abandoned.” He mentioned that they’ve invited Kamala and Joe to visit the town, but it doesn’t seem to be near the top of their schedule or agenda.

Trump had something to say about Kamala finally buckling down and doing a little bit of her job, too. He mentioned that Kamala has been ignoring the border crisis for months, and now she gets to see firsthand the destruction and death that she and Biden’s administration of caused. Trump also reminded everyone that his border policies were far superior. “Tough but fair.” He also blasted Kamala for the timing of her visit, stating that she wouldn’t be going there if he wasn’t going.

The Biden administration, of course, skirted around the timing and made it look like they’ve been doing everything right when it comes to the border. But they can’t fool us, or anyone in America really.

Author: Hank Lincoln