Kamala Just Gave Terrorists Exactly What They Were Looking For

The Iranian state media is promoting and circulating a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris supporting a student’s anti-Semitic claims that the United States funding of the Iron Dome is part of an “ethnic genocide” plot against Palestinians.

Press TV, an international outlet with Iranian ties tweeted the exchange between Harris and a female student from Virginia’s George Mason University, who asked questions about U.S. financial support of ally nations Saudi Arabia and Israel.

The student in question references the “like, protests… demonstrations in astronomical numbers,” regarding the Palestinian cause, and then spoke about how it “hurts my heart” that America recently gave additional funds to Israel to support their Iron Dome protection system. The student compared Israel’s presence to the “ethnic genocide… displacement of people… that happened in America.” The student added that the money would have been better spent on American issues such as health and housing rather than “inflaming Israel… and whatnot.”

Harris praised the student’s observations, saying that she was “glad” to hear the concerns. She added that the experience, perspective, voice, and personal truth of student’s like the anti-Semitic woman in question “must be heard.”

Harris, politically tone-deaf as ever, found herself shortly under fire for failing to check the student’s radical claims. Anti-Israel sentiment inside of the far-left of the Democrat Party have been boiling over in recent weeks, with the party splitting itself in debate over the allocation of $1 billion in support of the regularly-bombarded nation’s Iron Dome rocket defensive system.

Press TV pushes anti-Israel propaganda at every opportunity they get, recently expressing strong hopes that other Middle Eastern nations will not normalize connections with their enemy.

Press TV is just one of the media outlets controlled by the Islamic Republic of Iran broadcasting. The media company has been identified by the Anti-Defamation League as a regular for circulating anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

This is the second time in a week that Press TV picked up on Harris’s loose tongue. They promoted Harris’ comments based on unfounded rumors about Border Patrol agents using whips to control illegal aliens. The story was a complete fluke, but Harris accepted it unquestioningly and said that the incident reminded her of “slavery.”

Author: Marian Walters