Kamala In Hospital After Meeting With Infected Democrats

Kamala Harris, the Vice President of the United States, made a suspicious and unannounced visit to the hospital on Sunday at Walter Reed Medical Center, for what is supposedly a “routine” appointment at the doctors.

What’s suspicious though, is the timing, as it comes just a few days after Harris had a meeting with a group of Democrats from Texas that fled their state in a desperate attempt to keep Texas Republicans from passing a group of bills that would ensure voter integrity, quell abortion rates, prevent biological males from competing in female sports and address Critical Race theory in schools.

Unfortunately for Kamala and the fleeing Democrats, however, three of them later received a positive test for COVID-19.

Harris is under increasing scrutiny with suspicions being that she either required testing for COVID or treatment after her meeting with the infected Democrats. White House officials refused to comment on the state of the Vice President though, and it seems that she is under no such quarantine at this time.

Symone Sanders, Kamala’s Spokesperson, said that Kamala hasn’t been close with the Texas Democrats and that she is in no danger of contracting COVID. Symone also ensured everyone that Kamala is vaccinated and therefore protected against the disease.

Apparently, based on the positive test timeline, it’s been determined that Kamala and her staff that were at the meeting are at no risk of exposure since they didn’t come into close contact with anyone who tested positive. This is the reasoning given for Kamala’s lack of quarantine has well, and the fact that Kamala and all of her staff have been fully vaccinated.

Three of the fleeing Democrats tested positive for the Coronavirus. Two tested positive on Friday, and one tested positive on Saturday morning.

The fleeing democrats have been tweeting their experience since the moment they left Texas but said on Sunday that they are asking the public at large to respect the privacy of the Democrat party members and their personal health.

The Democrats from Texas met with Kamala last Tuesday, which was several days before testing positive. Kamala praised them for stomping off and throwing a tantrum saying that they were doing a great thing and defending the nation’s ‘highest ideals.’

Author: Tilly Eubanks