Kamala Harris Throws Tantrum Over Negative Coverage

Vice President Kamala Harris is becoming more emotionally unstable with each passing day. The Democrat, whose approval rating has plummeted to 28% following reports of her dysfunctional office that couldn’t be suppressed by even mainstream media, blasted the news for what she claims is an endless stream of bad coverage for her.

Last weekend, she whined in an interview taken by the San Francisco Chronicle that she was caught shopping for cookware on her way to the airport following a trip to France about several hot-button topics. A headline grabbed the story of her perusing pots and pans, calling Harris out for ‘shopping for pot.’ Aside the hilarious pun, Harris was excoriated on social media for her frivolous shopping venture when America is being crushed by so many pressing issues that she’s been assigned to resolve.

She failed to mention, perhaps she missed it, the coverage of her bad Pepe LePew accent that she tried on the local French people.

When the Chronicle tried to press Harris for answers about her dysfunctional office, which has resulted in several top staff quitting outright, such as spokeswoman Symone Sanders and her communications director Ashley Etienne, Harris reportedly “sidestepped” the question.

The Chronicle reports that they directly asked her twice about what lessons she’s learned this year as vice president, and both times she redirected the conversation. Harris said that the goal of next year is to increase travel and sell that administration’s priorities.

Etienne’s departure from Harris’s office followed a devastating USA Today poll that proved the floundering Vice President currently sits at a pathetic 28% approval rating, a full 10 points behind Biden’s depressing 38%. Harris’s numbers are so low, that the White House no longer considers Harris to be Biden’s successor. There’s even rumors that Biden is considering ways of replacing her because of how she’s harming his odds at reelection.

Another report explains that the two are engaging in a silent war, with Harris’s staff angry about being ‘sidelined’ and Biden’s staff upset that Harris is attempting to fool the American public.

Either way, things are looking bad for Harris, and no matter how much she and the mainstream media want to hide it, you can’t cover up something this ugly.

Author: Ashley Cain