Kamala Finally Comes Out Of Hiding — Her Next Move Surprises Everyone

The Vice President of the United States finally broke her silence on what’s going on in Afghanistan, after a long hiatus and what seemed to be flat-out hiding from the public. Americans and Afghans alike are doing their best to exit the growing crisis in Afghanistan after the Taliban took over the country in a matter of weeks after Biden completely botched the troop withdrawal from the middle-east country. She still, however, refused to comment about the process of the decision-making that ultimately led to the ongoing crisis.

Harris spoke alongside the Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong. Both Harris and Loong were asked about the botched evacuation and withdrawal process, and Harris was specifically asked what she believes went wrong with the evacuation and withdrawal.

Harris played defense like a pro, though. Saying that while she understood and appreciated the question. There was no use in delving further into right now. She said there would be ample amount of time to discuss and analyze what happen why things went so poorly as far as the withdrawal goes. But that as of this moment, the Biden Administration’s only focus is the safe evacuation of United States Citizens, Afghanistan allies, and the vulnerable populations, like women and children, who are at risk simply because they exist.

Harris said that the United States has a massive responsibility and commitment to ensuring the safety of the people who helped us, and says that the administration is doing the best they can.

Harris also tried to defend President Joe Biden, saying that he was deeply saddened and emotional over all the things that have happened and images that they’ve seen, but one again stated that America cannot focus on anything else except the primary mission, which is to evacuate all the people that deserve evacuation in that region.

When asked again if she agreed with all the decisions that led to the withdrawal of American Troops from Afghanistan, Harris danced around that question as well, saying that there should be an in-depth analysis on what took place, but that’s just not her concern right now.

Author: Brian Snyder