Justice: RINOs Who Chose Politics Over America Pay The Ultimate Price

Last week, following months of stalled movement and failed negotiations, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi finally conceded and pushed forward with Biden’s infrastructure bill independent of the Build Back Better resolution. The infrastructure bill passed with the assistance of Republican congressmen who handed President Biden and Pelosi a $1.2 trillion woke victory to claim as a bipartisan achievement.

Here’s the list of Republicans who voted “yes” to woke President Biden’s infrastructure plan: Reps. Bacon (NE), Fitzpatrick (PA), Garbarino (NY), Gonzalez (OH), Katko (NY), Kinzinger (IL), Malliotakis (NY), McKinley (WV), Reed (NY), Smith (NJ), Upton (MI), Van Drew (NJ), and Young (AK).

But these RINOs might get justice yet for betraying America this way. These backstabbers might lost their committee assignments for voting along Democrat lines if the GOP conference’s rank-and-file have their way.

Highlighting the bill’s controversial nature, it’s worth noting that even the radical leftist ‘squad’ group didn’t vote in support of the bill, meaning that 13 Republicans were willing to vote on a bill that even Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, and AOC did not.

The reason for Squad members not voting on the bill is slightly different, they felt as though they didn’t have sufficient leverage during negotiations and withheld their vote as a childish fit for the bill not being woke enough (though it’s still VERY woke), but for Republicans the point is that this is a bad look.

According to a report from Punchbowl News, GOP leaders are preparing to strip committee members who voted “yes” for Biden’s agenda, even those who currently stand as ranking members. The article points out how Republican leadership is angered that so many of their party members voted early in favor of the infrastructure package, giving Democrats a free shot at passing a bill that they themselves couldn’t wholly agree on. Their actions, according to the article, “undermine [Republican] party strategy.”

Author: Ashley Price