Jurors Meet To Make Final Decision On Controversial Shooting Case

The now infamous ‘gun couple,’ Patricia McCloskey and Mark McCloskey from St. Louis, just made a trip this week to Kenosha to support Kyle Rittenhouse, the 18-year-old man who’s on trial for the murder of two individuals after he shot and killed two people who were rioting and injured a third rioter last summer.

Rittenhouse claims it was a self-defense shooting and plead not guilty in all the charges.

Mr. McCloskey says he’s hoping for the courts to come in with an acquittal for the teenager, and says that he and his wife are in full support of the constitution’s 2nd Amendment right for all people to be able to defend themselves, especially when the government is failing to do so.

Mark McCloskey says that although he hasn’t seen all the evidence, what he has seen has him hoping for acquittal on all charges for the teenager.

He says he and his wife are there to support those who use their rights that are protected by the 2nd amendment, especially when the local and federal government fails to protect innocent citizens.

Mark further stated that there are many programs aimed a ‘defunding the police,’ but when there are no police and there is no government available to protect citizens who are in danger, that they have to protect and save themselves.

The McCloskeys became famous last year after brandishing their firearms as BLM protestors made their way and trespassed all through the couples’ neighborhood. They then plead guilty to some misdemeanors because of the encounter. They were given fines and had to give up the firearms that were used during the altercation.

Then, a few months later, the Governor of Missouri, Michael Parson, gave the couple a pardon.

The couple says they feel deeply for Kyle Rittenhouse, and that they believe he was acting in self-defense.

They said they think he’s being prosecuted for political gain, and that they hope that the trial jury will find the teenage not guilty in any of the charges so that he can the go home as a free man.

The jury is currently deliberating the fate of the young man.

Author: Nelson Hickory