Joe Picks Up The Tab For Hunter’s Night Of Cocaine And Hookers

Joe Biden isn’t going to get any parent of the year awards for this one. Apparently, President Biden thought it might be a good idea to pay for his son’s night of hookers and cocaine. At least that’s what these photos and tests are showing. Nice parenting, dad!

Back in Spring 2018, Hunter spent a lovely night at LA’s Cateau Marmont. He smoked a little crack, hired a few hookers, made a little ‘love’ and took some photos. NICE! We’ll spare you the details on that last one. We’re certain NY Post will give you all the tantalizing little details in their coverage on it. They even have a copy of the guy’s laptop. More for them, we suppose.

The thing is, that laptop isn’t filled with Russian misinformation tactics. No, it’s saturated with levels of self-indulgence that haven’t been seen since the popes of Borgia.

Anyway, back to that fateful night. Apparently, Hunter boy couldn’t pay his ‘lady of the night.’ All of his cards got declined, surprise, surprise. But one card worked, and it definitely caught the attention of Joe’s Secret Service agents. Why? Because the link was to “Celtic’s” account, which is Joe’s codename at the secret service.

Okay, I said I’d spare you the dirty details, but even we have to go a little tabloid now and then.

Apparently, Hunter’s ‘pick of the litter’ if you will, is Miss Yanna. She is thin, has green eyes, boasts her Russian heritage and acts as an elite courtesan. She gives Hunter an entire menu of sex acts she’s willing to perform.

She goes to Hunter’s cottage, they drink a bit of vodka, smoke some crack and make a bit of porn. He balances and entire line of M&M’s on his… er…. Tiny soldier and takes photographs.

And then, the smartest man in the world, aka Hunter Biden, saves all of these lewd pictures on his laptop. He treats his laptop just like a middle schooler’s diary, placing every lewd act, email and text on the poor, innocent laptop – which, as we all remember, gets handed over to the FBI and the NY Post a year later.

Okay, but back to the story. So, Hunter, Yanna and her ‘friends’ have this ludicrous night, and Yanna ends up staying TWO DAYS. She’s ready to get her money and get out, but Hunter boy can’t pay her. So, what does he do? He pulls out daddy’s credit card and lets daddy foot the $800 bill.

Oh, and here’s the kicker. Joe passes out after his wild ride with Yanna and wakes to discover that all of the cards he thought were declined actually went through. He’s out thousands and thousands of dollars, funding his tiny soldier’s “habits.”

In the end, daddy’s secret service agent came to save Hunter, and he was banned for eternity from the Cateau Marmont. Our take on it? This is just the icing on the cake for the Bidens. We’re all probably falling victim to a liberal media tactic to overshadow Hunter and Joe’s shady business deals with this sex scandal. Either way, the story is true, and it’s a hell of a story.

Author: Natalie Crenshaw