Joe In Peril As Hunter’s Laptop Reveals His Clinton-Like Behavior

The criminal negligence of Hillary Clinton’s private email server haunted her entire 2016 presidential campaign as it became increasingly clear that she utilized the server in order to circumvent federal transparency laws and later on went to great length in an effort to destroy the evidence, all of which was caught by subpoena.

But Clinton wasn’t the only corrupt Democrat using a private email to share classified government documents.

More information continues to pour forth from Hunter Biden’s laptop, and it turns out that Joe Biden used a private email account to send information to his son from the State Department.

Just The News reports that after reviewing several of the emails, they discovered that while many were of a personal nature, other emails were political, or related to business matters. The emails frequently involved information gathered from senior officials at the State Department, the White House, and other agencies.

Hunter Biden was then serving on the board of Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian energy company while his father was acting as Vice-President under former President Barack Obama. Under the Obama administration, Biden was placed at the fore of all matters pertaining to Ukraine. Biden was even caught brazenly bragging about how he held power over the Ukrainian government, by withholding a $1 billion federal loan from then-Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko in an indisputable quid pro quo arrangement.

It hasn’t yet been discovered whether or not Biden used the private email account to discuss Ukraine or Burisma with his son, but it wouldn’t be a great surprise.

A former senior Obama administration official confirmed the private email, who told Just The News that several administration officials were aware of Joe Biden’s private address which he used on occasion.

Tony Blinken, the current Secretary of State also knew about the private email account’s existence.

Just as with Hillary Clinton, Biden’s private email use raises many concerns about potential violations of federal law, since emails that involve government business are supposed to be preserved at logged into the federal record.

President of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, explained that The Presidential Records Act requires that officials must ensure that their private email accounts are forwarded to a government account for handling by the National Archives. He added that it was little wonder that Obama’s White House went to such lengths to protect Hillary Clinton. Fitton also said that more information should be released from Hunter’s laptop early next year, at that point, Judicial Watch and others will begin filing FOIAs to find more information.

Author: Miranda Herrera