Joe Biden Slips, Wishes He Lived In Europe Instead

President Biden is certainly enjoying his United Kingdom vacation, and is particularly enjoying the sight of King George’s old stomping grounds, so much so that he couldn’t help but let slip that “I don’t want to go home.”

“It’s gorgeous,” the president gushed, speaking in front of select few press who were allowed to access the president’s activities that day.

The American president’s embarrassing remarks come as he visits the United Kingdom in order to attend the exclusive G7 club meeting.

The president was accompanied by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as well as both of the leaders’ spouses at St. Ives Bay in England, looking over the scenery of Cornwall.

Biden and Johnson took in the view of the Atlantic Charter in advance of a private meeting between the two at the location of the near approaching G7 summit will be taking place over the coming weekend.

It’s expected that the global leaders will discuss a rise in taxes for international corporations, as well as start plans for a more robust healthcare apparatus which can better handle the next pandemic.

Despite both being vaccinated, the pair of leaders wore masks as they went indoors.

When the president first arrived, he awkwardly ignored Johnsons offer of a handshake, instead offering a greeting to Johnson’s wife Carrie first.

Biden complimented Johnson’s wife by commenting that both Johnson and himself had “married way above our station.”

Johnson replied that he wasn’t “going to dissent from that one,” then adding that he’s doesn’t intend “to disagree with the president” either on that matter “or. . . on anything else. . . likely.”

Biden has expressed his love of Europe’s scenery before, especially for his ancestral home of Ireland, during a virtual meeting with Ireland’s Prime Minister back in March he said that he wished that his ancestors had never left Ireland to start with. He added that after leaving Ireland last he pondered “why the hell we left. . . it’s beautiful.”

On behalf of many here in the United States, stuck with such clearly inferior scenery, I give our dear and beloved leader permission to go ahead and remain where his heart truly belongs. Goodbye Sleepy Joe, may you enjoy the remainder of your days in a country that won’t tolerate your poor judgement as a ruler.

Author: Robbie Massey