Joe Biden Reveals Painfully-Bad Plan To Address Multiple Crises

Here we sit on the far north end of 2021 but somehow the U.S.-Mexico border crisis is only continuing to get worse after skyrocketing the moment Democrat President Joe Biden took office. As of yesterday morning, over 15,000 illegal immigrants crossed through Del Rio, Texas by floating, swimming, and wading across the Rio Grande River and crossing into the United States. Now, an estimated 13,000 illegal aliens are living beneath the Del Rio International Bridge for shelter.

The Biden administration continued to attempt gag-order censorship regarding the situation in hopes of concealing it by formally blocking all drone flights in the region, but that didn’t stop tenacious reporters such as Julio Rosas of Townhall from blowing Biden’s cover up out of the water. Rosas report revealed just how bad the border situation has become as a direct result of Biden’s failed policies.

Biden’s failure to control U.S. boundaries is more than an immigration and border security problem, it’s a full blown public health crisis. But Biden could clearly not care less about the occurrences at the southern border, pawning off the job to Vice President Kamala Harris who nosedived spectacularly by veering every which way but south after being handed the task.

Biden’s lack of concern was exemplified this past weekend when after taking an early clock-out on Friday at noon he traveled to his home at Rehoboth Beach in Delaware where giddy leftist press delighted in his leisurely bicycling activities. When more serious journalists pegged him about the growing border crisis, he simply ignored them.

It hardly seems like real life. Tens of thousands of illegal aliens are flowing through what is a de-facto open border and all that Biking Biden thought to do about it was place a gag-order ban on drones to try and cover up the unbelievable magnitude of the crisis. Furthermore, the president has abandoned his post with hundreds of American citizens still trapped in Afghanistan at no fault of their own but every fault of Biden’s. The White House’s plan to push vaccine boosters just got axed by the FDA, the French government recalled their ambassador and Biden’s military just admitted that their failed drone strike wiped out 10 innocent civilians from Kabul. But Biden enjoyed his bike ride.

Author: Marjorie Fisher