Joe Biden Is Sunk, And He’s Taking The Entire Democrat Party With Him

Congressional Democrats are worried about the future of the party as President Joe Biden hits rock bottom approval ratings following his bumbled military exit from Afghanistan that’s left thousands of Americans stranded in a country teeming with radical terrorists.

Between the chaotic situation in Afghanistan, the escalating COVID-19 pandemic, energy security, and runaway inflation, Democrat lawmakers worry about the public backlash they will soon face as Biden steers the nation into one iceberg after another.

The New York Times even had to confess that the outlook is grim for Democrats as party lawmakers increasingly call for investigations into the Afghanistan failure. Furthermore, those same lawmakers are considering an effort to depose Jake Sullivan, Biden’s national security adviser. An anonymous House Democrat said that dismissing Sullivan might help to “reset the narrative” for the president.

The Times adds that even Biden’s biggest fans are wincing at how bad the withdrawal from Afghanistan has gone, even though they still supported, as many do, the eventual withdrawal, the criticism lies in Biden’s terrible execution.

Biden’s approval ratings plummeted following the August 15 fall of Kabul to the Taliban and the chaotic, frenzied evacuation of thousands of American citizens and U.S. allies from the Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Polling centers 538 and RealClearPolitics saw Biden’s approval ratings dip below 50% last week to 44%. Reuters also ran a poll regarding approval ratings for the President that revealed a slightly better 46% rating. But all polling data shows the same thing: The American public doesn’t trust Biden to do his job.

Specific polling about American attitudes toward the Afghanistan withdrawal show that nearly 75% disapprove of the Biden administration’s handling of the situation. In spite of the abject failure of his administration, Biden continues to defend his actions in public, and tries to shift blame to former President Donald Trump for all the problems he’s now facing.

Biden also can’t seem to find good footing to handle COVID-19, with more and more authoritarian measures regarding masks and vaccines being pushed as the Delta variant tears through the country.

Author: Tara Bradley