Jill Biden Chooses Personal Agenda — And It’s a Doozy

Whenever a new White House administration emerges, all eyes turn to the First Lady. It’s customary for her to choose a piece of legislation or a topic she’s passionate about pursuing. Melania Trump launched her Be Best campaign, which focused on the opioid epidemic and social media bullying. Michelle Obama focused on creating healthy school lunches. And Laura Bush focused on literacy rates.

The new First Lady, Jill Biden, is planning to focus her attention on reunifying families that were separated at the southern border, CNN reported. The goal is to show a stark contrast between the Trump and Biden administrations.

“As the first lady remarked on a ‘Charla’ with young Latinos earlier this week, her chief of staff, Ambassador Julissa Reynoso, will monitor the federal reunification effort given her background as a lawyer,” Biden spokesman Michael LaRosa explained.

The First Lady is expected to join the Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services and the State Department’s joint task force to address the issue.

The news comes after President Joe Biden rolled back President Donald Trump’s zero tolerance policy, which focused on deterring illegal immigration.

While Democrats and the media are quick to say Border Patrol agents permanently separated families at the border, that’s simply not true.

It’s customary for agents to separate family units from the general population. If a juvenile is present, agents monitor the family every 15 minutes to make sure they have food, water and any other necessities.

And the “fake families” we’ve heard of crossing the border isn’t a figment of our imagination. It’s happening.

Before the illegal aliens make their trek to America, a coyote will look through the group, identify a woman and her child and give them very clear instructions.

“The coyote tells them, ‘If we’re arrested, you’re my wife and you’re my child,’” former agent Hector Regalado told Townhall back in 2019.
At the end of the day, the coyote is only worried about one thing: themselves and their business.

“Smugglers are in it for the money. It’s a business. That’s all it is for them. If they get caught and arrested, they go to prison, and that’s pretty bad for business,” Regalado explained. “If they can’t make money, it’s not a good business model. So, of course they’re going to do everything possible to not get arrested.”

Coyotes know that once they say a child belongs to them an investigation must take place. Border Patrol agents have to find out if the child is really his, especially if it’s just a man claiming to have a child.

“If there is a mother and a child, it’s a little harder to recognize that they aren’t together. But there are clues and we do keep an eye on them closely. If they slip up and show they’re not really together, they will separate them and interview them,” he said.

Agents will ask basic questions if they suspect they are lying about being a family. Where is the child from? How old is the child? What’s the child’s middle name? When did you get married? What are your in-laws’ names?

If a person can’t answer those basic questions, it becomes obvious to agents the family is indeed fake.

Remember: the media was floating pictures of kids in cages during the Trump administration, claiming it was taking place at the border. The reality is those images are from 2014 when then-President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden were the ones in charge.

Author: Beth Baumann

Source: Townhall : It Looks as Though Jill Biden Has Found Her Legislative Focus

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