Jill Biden Caught Right In The Middle Of a Pro-Trump Rally

First lady Jill Biden is currently touring around the country, promoting COVID vaccines as much as she can. She recently stumbled into an awkward situation in Hawaii, going to a vaccination clinic and then to a barbecue for military families. When she arrived, she was met with the shock of her life.

At the barbecue she was quickly surrounded by Trump supporters and protesters who oppose mandated vaccines. Around 20 Trump supporters displayed signs that bore the words “No Shots for Tots,” and “Protect Not Inject.”

The Daily Mail reported that a man loudly shouted “Go Home!” as the motorcade arrived.

The protesters were clothed in T-shirts that had phrases such as “Trump won,” and “All Lives Matter,” according to Newsweek.

Demonstrators also gave open support for Cuban protesters. Despite the stiff opposition, Jill Biden said that she felt right at home in the high school venue, having been a long-time teacher herself. She did express though that she wondered if she would ever get free of “all the chaos.”

Jill Biden is best known not for her ability as a vaccine peddler, but as one of her husband’s handlers, having to bring the President’s attention back to the matter at hand multiple times.

During an important speech in the UK, Biden’s mind completely wandered while Jill was speaking. “Joe, pay attention,” she instructed him in front of an audience of soldiers. In a cringeworthy attempt to mend the situation, Joe turned to her and gave a salute. The gesture gathered a forced laugh from the audience, but was almost impossible to watch.

Jill also became the instrument in an awkward public incident with Joe Biden when he bit her finger in front of an audience without warning.

Jill might rightfully be considered a victim of her husband’s station, being forced into cringeworthy scenarios time and time again.

Author: Gerard Cortez