It’s Time To ‘Shovel And Shut Up’ For What’s Coming

The first order of business for the completely Democrat controlled government was to flush their pockets with $1.9 trillion cash. What’s next? Disarming the American people.

The first step to disarmament is creating a registry of every gun in America, and H.R. 8 does just that.

The House of Representatives just passed a universal background check bill on Thursday, which would outlaw private sales of guns. Should the bill become law, and it probably will given the new Democrat majority Senate, it would be illegal to sell a firearm without subjecting the buyer to a NICS background check.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) records purchaser information as well as what gun they bought at licensed retailers. Currently however, if the purchaser sold that gun later on to another citizen, the trace is lost.

This bill would create a de facto gun registry, because it creates a record of every firearm transaction, including private sales and gifts.

The bills sponsor, Mike Thompson (D-CA) claims that his bill has a “90 percent” acceptance rate amongst Americans. His statistic is completely made up.

The nation is helpless to the whims of the Left as they pass sweeping legislation, unchecked by the Republican party as they pursue their disarmament agenda.

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