It’s Official — Say Goodbye To This Swamp Democrat Forever

According to recent reporting by The Washington Post, longtime Democrat congresswoman and current House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is finally stepping down from power following the 2022 midterm elections, with Democrats preparing for a new cycle of leadership in the coming days.

The Washington Post took the liberty of offering up some of the Left’s ideal replacement candidates, with New York Representative Hakeem Jeffries spotted as “the early favorite.” They also listed Steny Hoyer (MD) and James Clyburn (SC) as other top contenders, and mentioned that some in the Democrat party have long awaited new leadership.

Amongst Democrats that The Post interviewed, the majority “overwhelmingly agreed” that they should avoid electing a White male, leaving close Pelosi allies such as Hoyer and Adam Schiff (CA) in the lurch as the party aims to place “diversity,” over concerns of competence and effectiveness.

Pelosi’s retirement plans follow shortly after receiving criticism for her support of lawmakers and their spouses ability to own stock. Just days after giving public support for the activity, Pelosi and her husband purchased millions of dollars in stock from Roblox, Salesforce, Disney, and Google.The Guardian, speculating on Pelosi’s retirement in October, noted that normally the torch would automatically be passed to one of her top lieutenants, those being Clyburn and Hoyer. But both of them, as the paper notes, are in their 80s themselves, raising questions about whether the time might be appropriate for a fresh face on the House Democratic caucus.

The New York Post reports that Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul Pelosi, runs the company Financial Leasing Services, a venture capital investment and consulting firm and real estate business. In recent years, Paul has placed large bets on companies that are supposed to be regulated by his wife, including Apple, Google, and Amazon. According to the Pelosis purchasing habits, they expect that tech stocks will continue to remain strong into the next two years.

Author: Philip Hall