It Looks Like Biden Won’t Even Finish His First Term

It looks like Biden isn’t even going to finish his first term in office. His incompetence and failing capacities have been on display for the world to see since the day he stepped foot into the oval office, and things are only getting worse. So much so, that the American people have decided they are completely done with Sleep Joe.

New polls show just how much Biden support has tanked recently, and Americans are finally getting an opportunity to let him know exactly how they feel.

Among voters, a massive majority don’t believe Bumbling Joe is even capable of finishing his first term. What’s more is that a majority also believe that Biden’s always-laughing and always avoiding responsibilities VP isn’t fit to replace him, either.

In fact, a mere 43 percent of surveyed voters felt that Harris is qualified or capable of serving as the next President of the United States at all. Just 29 percent thought that she was qualified period. Yikes, that’s a surprisingly low number and can’t be good for office morale in the Biden administration. Especially since 55 percent said that she didn’t have what it takes, and 46 percent thought she isn’t at all qualified, meaning they think she would totally fail if placed in Biden’s shoes.

It looks like Team Biden’s honeymoon phase is over in America. Especially since this poll is riding on the heels of one of the greatest Presidential military failures in US history. Everyone in the nation has all eyes on Biden right now as his botched exit from Afghanistan is met with intensifying judgement and examination of his and his team’s actions. This isn’t just conjecture, either.

A brand-new poll proves that most Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike, are displeased and completely disapprove of his handling of the military’s operations and departure in Afghanistan. A whopping 69 percent said they disapproved. What’s more is that only 23% of the voters surveyed said they approved of how Biden handled the exit from Afghanistan. This is a huge margin. Could this be the end of Biden’s presidency? Are his actions impeachable? One thing’s for sure, it looks like the majority is no longer silent.

Author: Nancy Williams