Iran Goes Nuclear, Everyone Pretends To Be Shocked

The world’s enemy-number-one for state sponsored terrorism, the Islamic Republic of Iran, recently failed to honor their prior agreement with the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The deal struck between Iran and the IAEA was that inspectors from the organization would be allowed to service monitoring equipment from one of Iran’s nuclear facilities that was damaged.

The IAEA issued a statement that explained how Iran instead blocked agents from accessing the TESA Karaj centrifuge, in direct contradiction with their agreed terms made just on the 12th of September. The IAEA explained that they were able to perform their maintenance on surveillance equipment for all facilities in Iran except for the TESA Karaj complex.

Furthermore, the agreement reached on September 12 between Iran and the IAEA’s 35-nation Board of Governors was supposed to resolve an issue with memory cards that had been entirely filled, as well as investigation and resolution of a deliberately sabotaged camera that went offline in June at the TESA Karaj complex. Iran failed to return either the damaged camera or its data storage, despite requests from the IAEA.

This shady business coincides with Iran’s alleged stockpile of nuclear fuel reaching a point where they could create a serious nuclear warhead, something which they could use to spark a war in the region and which Israel has repeatedly cited concerns over. Israel has also indicated that they will do everything possible to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability.

At the beginning of August, Benny Gantz, Israel’s Defense Minister warned that Iran was then a mere 10 weeks out from getting their hands on enough “weapons-grade material necessary for… nuclear weapon[s].”

The New York Times reported on September 13th that the IAEA discovered Iran to be “within roughly a month of,” achieving nuclear arms capability.

Experts from the IAEA and the atomic inspection group of the United Nations confirmed that Iran made a summer push that has landed them enough enriched uranium to produce a single bomb or missile that could be ready in as little as a month.

Former President Trump warned that the Iran nuclear deal was insufficient, but nobody listened to him.

Author: Cedric Douglas