Insane New Policy Threatens American Security

The border crisis continues to escalate at rapid pace. It was revealed recently through Fox News that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is considering plans to release illegal aliens claiming asylum into the U.S. without issuing a Notice to Appear, this means that crossing illegals will go through custody without requiring a date in court.

Cells are filling faster than they can be emptied, overwhelming Border Patrol agents, who don’t have the holding space to perform the required paperwork.

The process of issuing a Notice to Appear normally takes hours for individuals and families, though the process is not applied to unaccompanied minors.

In the Rio Grande Valley Sector, Texas, border crossings have surged to 700% overcapacity.

Migrants are being released into humanitarian respite centers such as the Sister Norma Pimentel, while other facilities struggle to match the surge in housing and meet Department of Health and Human Services requirements. There’s simply not enough beds to keep migrants under board.

Living quarters stressed to overcapacity have also worsened the COVID-19 situation amongst the immigrant population.

A report on Friday from the Washington Post revealed that Biden may begin flying migrants to northern states for processing.

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