In Case You Forgot: The Border Surge Is Still Happening, And It’s Worse Than Ever

The border saw over 200,000 encounters with migrants in August alone, as confirmed by the Customs and Border Protection on Wednesday. This is the second consecutive month where there have been more than 200k migrants attempting to get inside the U.S.

The total recorded numbers for August were 208,887. It’s actually a drop since the numbers in July, which were around 212,000, but a 2% drop hardly matters in the scheme of things, especially when numbers have been rising sharply under the Biden administration.

This is particularly true if you look at last year’s date and compare it to this year. The 208,887 august encounters represent an increase of 317% since August of 2020, where we only saw 50,014. And even that is an increase of 233% since the August of 2019, where there were 62,707 encounters at the border.

As far as demographics go, 49% of the immigrants that were stopped were single adults. 44% of the immigrants were removed and sent back because of the Title 42 health protections that Trump put in place that have been extended by Biden and his administration.

Biden and his administration aren’t allowing single adults and some of the families in under the order as a result of COVID, but unaccompanied children and other families that have young children are not being expelled.

Unaccompanied children make up a huge number of encounters at the border. In July alone there were 18,847 children that weren’t accompanied by anyone. Only 19% of family unit encounters resulted in expulsion by the Title 42 protections.

The CBP agents continue to see high numbers at American’s southern border. A 2% drop isn’t much, and there’s no telling whether or not this trend will continue.

Biden and his administration have faced increasingly fierce criticism for how they’ve handled the crisis at the border. The dramatic removal of Trump’s policies are likely to blame, as one of the first things Biden did was stop the border wall and Migrant Protection Protocols. Biden has been fighting hard to make immigrants that are already here legal and has even been sneaking immigrants into the country. (Everyone remembers the nighttime secret flights.)

Biden, of course, blames Trump for all his problems and continues to try and distract from what’s going on at the border. But the American people are smarter, and more focused than he knows.

Author: Jake Farmer