Ilhan Omar Receives Ultimate Smackdown Over Israel Comments

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s advisor spoke out on Sunday, pushing back against criticism from progressive ‘Squad’ members. He also warned that Hamas should “think twice” before considering a break in the ceasefire after 11 days of violent exchange between the groups.

Mark Regev told Fox News last Sunday that Israel successfully dealt the terrorist organization “a heavy blow” by taking out key leadership members, intelligence centers, and other parts “of their terrorist-military machine.”

Then Regev took after critics of Israel who have suggested that the defensive retaliation was disproportionate to the threat posed by Hamas and PIJ.

He pointed out that Israel was under threat of “thousands of rockets” aimed directly at “our civilian population.” Crucially, he explained that Israel’s IDF went out of its way to avoid civilian injuries by using surgically targeted airstrikes, but “Hamas had actually the exact opposite goal.”

Regev explained how Hamas deliberately uses civilian centers such as schoolyards, mosques, and dense residential areas to fire rockets from in order to make themselves difficult to strategically eliminate. He also pointed out that as many as 20% of all injured civilians in Gaza were harmed by Hamas’s own rockets when they fell short of their target.

Then Regev took after anti-Israeli legislators in America, such as the far-left ‘Squad’ members who openly declared support for the terrorist organizations in the conflict.

Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) went so far as to accuse Israel of war crimes, claiming that the country was not seeking an end to violence.

Regev said that Israel would “love to have peace” with the Palestinians, but explained that Hamas prevents that because the terrorist group has more targets than just Israel. “Hamas is the enemy of everyone” he explained, “a brutal jihadist terrorist group” that nobody should be making excuses for.

Author: Lana Webster

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