If Biden Doesn’t Pass This Test, He May Be Removed As President

Cassidy is a gastroenterologist, and explained that once people reach the period of 80 years old, there is generally a “rapid decline” in their capabilities. Cassidy stressed that he was speaking “as a doctor” on the matter and explained that it was “of concern” when individuals who occupy “a position of responsibility… [are] on that slope.”

Cassidy added that he is aware of several past senators who were senile by the end of their terms and said that it was true for both parties.

Axios’ report took note that science has demonstrated how “we lose something” as we continue to age, emphasizing the point that many of our politicians are nearing or beyond their 80s.

Biden is 78 years old, with McConnel at 79, Pelosi stands at 81 years old and Feinstein is 88.

Moreover, this issue exists within the courts as well, since Supreme Court justices are given life-terms. Recently deceased Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg worked on the bench until her passing in 2020. She was 87 years old at that time.

Cassidy suggested that the senility tests should be performed annually, and stressed that the suggestion was not based in any personal political aims but part of upholding a “sacred responsibility” to the citizens of America.

Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician spoke out in August declaring that Biden did not meet cognitive criteria to be fit for office.

Jackson served both the Obama and Trump administrations, and said on Twitter following one of Biden’s bumbling speeches that the incident was “embarrassing,” and clearly demonstrated that something is “obviously wrong with Biden’s cognitive fitness.” He stressed that Biden shouldn’t be the leader of the country “for another SECOND.”

Speaking to Fox News, Jackson said that Biden’s failed mental acuity has “destroy[ed] the reputation of this country.”

Author: Beth Hansen