Hypocrite Harris Becomes The Fool Yet Again With Latest Order

The utter hypocrisy of Vice President Kamala Harris was on full display last Tuesday after President Joe Biden plundered the same American oil reserves that Harris slammed former president Donald Trump in 2020 for refilling.

At the time, Harris called Trump’s decision to bolster the U.S. oil reserves “absolutely unacceptable.” She accused Trump of “bailing out Big Oil” and ignoring the needs of the American public.

Trump ordered that the national oil reserves be filled during the pandemic when oil prices were at a third of today’s average price of $3.403. The low oil prices threatened American producers’ ability to compete against the deep pockets of OPEC who have no interest in competing against American oil producers.

Trump predicted in April of 2020 that the pandemic level pricing would eventually equal out and argued that it was the perfect time to replenish the oil reserves and help America remain energy independent.

On Tuesday, the Biden-Harris administration announced that they would be draining the oil reserves that Trump refilled.

Biden said on Tuesday that he was releasing the “largest ever… strategic petroleum reserve” in order to help lower gas prices.

The hypocrisy of the administration was quickly noticed by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) who pointed out Harris’s clear duplicity in raiding the oil reserves that Trump prepared.

Since the beginning of their term, the Biden-Harris administration has sought to obliterate American energy independence even in the wake of the supply chain crisis. In January, the administration axed the Keystone XL Pipeline and is currently considering shutting down another in Michigan. The Biden administration also illegally blocked federal drilling leases at the beginning of term.

Instead of accepting responsibility for raging oil prices, a clear product of Democrat policies, the Biden administration instigated an investigation into oil companies over the current pricing. Last week, Biden tapped the Federal Trade Commission to seek out “anti-competitive behavior,” and bring “all… tools to bear” against wrongdoing.

Biden’s clear attempt at scapegoating the issue isn’t fooling anybody. He made his bed, and normally he’d be made to lie in it, but Trump’s foresight saved him this time.

Author: Kenneth Carter