Hunter Biden’s Art Scandal Looks Even Worse Than It Sounds

Hunter Biden, with the assistance of his gallerist Georges Berges hosted a second art show last weekend in SoHo, NYC, to sell his painting to anonymous ‘investors’ for as much as $500,000. When Hunter put his art on exhibition in Los Angeles recently, he was able to liquidate five paintings at a whopping $75,000 each.

Berges spoke to the New York Post over the weekend, telling them that the exhibition wouldn’t attract “much of a crowd,” because the exhibit was both secretive and highly vetted so that only the highest rolling guests would be in the room to bid on half-million-dollar priced artwork made by the president’s son.

“You can’t just walk in here,” Berges smugly said to a Post reporter who was asking for information about the event. Berges absconded the reporter by saying that he would tattle to the reporter’s mother for bad manners.

On Saturday, the beginning of the show, Post reporters peeled back paper window coverings meant to keep onlookers from viewing the gallery. They were able to get a glimpse of the inside before Hunter Biden’s wife stopped by to inspect the proceedings.

According to the post, a “documentary film crew” was in place to record the hanging of 15 canvases. Biden’s wife, Melissa Cohen, then entered the building and was spotted wearing black leather pants and jacket.

Hunter’s second planned art show at SoHo was reportedly delayed until next spring but it turns out that this was false. The secretive show was still held despite the supposed challenges involving “legal vetting” of the wealthy guests.

The White House has repeatedly signaled approval of Hunter’s corrupt art dealings by putting the onus on gallerists. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was incredibly defensive and abrupt when confronted about the president’s son’s corruption scheme.

Berges, the art dealer, has bragged in the past about his strong connections to Communist China, which mirrors Hunter’s former history of power-peddling with his father Joe Biden in family business ventures.

Hunter previously raked in tens of thousands of dollars each month by serving at a do-nothing position on a Ukrainian oil and gas business that his then-Vice President father Joe Biden set him up with.

Later, Joe would let slip while bragging that he was able to secure the position by withholding U.S. aid to the country if they didn’t do his bidding.

Author: Wanda Young