How Kamala Harris Is Killing Democrat Power

As the stage sits right now, President Biden should expect his party to lose many seats in Congress with the 2022 election. The Democrat party barely holds a lead in the Senate and is completely reliant on Kamala Harris’s tiebreaker vote to accomplish anything. As Progressive legislative proposals continue to be met with faltering public support and crucially, Republican support, you can hear in the tone of top officials that they are slowly accepting the gridlock situation they’re in.

The Biden agenda is dead in the water, because of Democrat unwillingness to make compromises and put in genuine efforts to garner bipartisan support. Instead they are whining about reconciliation and blaming Republicans for all of their own issues. The Democrats have all but announced to the American public that the Biden administration is sunk for the 2020 term.

It’s still technically an open question whether or not the aging President Biden, plagued by sharply declining mental acuity, will run again in 2024. The Democrats expected Vice President Kamala Harris to be a backup runner in the making, but her lackadaisical performance both regarding her job responsibilities and public appearances have turned her into a charismatic black hole that now seeks refuge from the media 90% of the time, and the American people have noticed.

Recent polling has revealed that Harris’ popularity is officially sunk, and Democrats now panic behind the scenes as they realize that the 2020 victory was simply a fluke that they won’t be able to pull off again in the near future.

Picking Harris as a running mate was a strategic move in the fall of 2020, with woke propaganda on everyone’s lips, a black woman squaring down the ‘racist’ and ‘misogynistic’ figure of Donald Trump was thought to be a progressive rallying cry.

But just as with her own Presidential campaign, she completely failed her responsibilities and became a total non-entity throughout the election. Her brightest moments were manifest in awkward cackling and dismissive eye rolls, and it hardly bought the American public.

Now in the back half of her first year in office, she’s been found to be the least popular Vice President since the 1970’s. Americans either don’t know who she is or don’t like her if they do.

It’s a very, very ugly situation for the Democrats, who have nothing to bait the public with in the midterms. Attempting to use Trump as a scapegoat for every problem isn’t working anymore.

COVID-19 is climbing a new peak, the economy is shaky, and mask mandates and even lockdowns are right around the corner. The Democrats have no plans for managing these issues and it’s going to bite them hard when their party’s seats are available in 2022.

The Democrats now know that Harris was a blunder, harming their 2022 odds, and completely destroying any chance at holding the executive office after 2024. They’re still too frightened to oppose her however, afraid of being called sexist or racist, and so they’ll be forced to back her if she chooses to run.

Author: Bryan Newman