How Harris Plans To Cheat The Next Election

Vice President Kamala Harris, the supposed Border Czar is already taking a pass on her three week old role. President Biden asked her to personally lead the charge in handling the southern border crisis, but Harris is reaching out to the United Nations in hopes of having the problem handled for her.

In an interview on CNN, Harris played out her usual pity party. She insisted that there would be no border crisis but for Donald Trump, who has caused every problem under the stars to include the border issue.

Harris claims that the problem doesn’t belong to America per se but to the “Western Hemisphere” and therefore a U.N. delegate for the region is better suited to handle her hand-picked role.

Harris has no action plan of her own, and we can probably expect the U.N. to have no good solutions either. The do-nothing approach to the border crisis is a way of appearing to care without having to change anything.

This is exactly what the Democrats want, because illegal alien voters are just what the Democrats need for their elections to go as planned. In their eyes, there is no border ‘crisis,’ the masses who stream into America are a card for them to play.

Author: Isaac Strickland

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