Homeland Security’s New Program Has Nothing To Do With The Homeland Or With Security

The Department of Homeland Security recently announced a new “climate change professionals program” amidst historic figures of illegal crossings at the border that continue to rise every week.

Officials expect that illegal crossings over the U.S.-Mexico border may exceed 2 million by the time the 2021 figures are counted, a first in history, but in order to combat the endless tide of migrants, the DHS is making an inexplicable turn to “growing focus on adapting to climate change and resilience.”

The Department declared that their latest program will prove “instrumental in helping… adapt to our changing climate” said DHS Secretary Mayorkas. Exactly how a focus on slowly adjusting weather patterns connects with his role as the enforcer of our borders is still unclear.

Mayorkas added that the program is meant to give the Department guidance by executing a “Climate Action Plan” as well as improve the “climate literacy” of personnel in the Department. He argues that the task force is necessary to keep the DHS “mission-resilient while reducing our own impacts on the environment.”

Critics think that the administration is wasting its time, and should instead focus on the immediate issues of illegal border crossings, which have reached peak historic levels according to data from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency.

The 2021 fiscal year, which ended in September, saw over 1.7 million illegal aliens detained at the border, and arrests of aliens were at their highest ever as well. The total figure for calendar year 2021 is expected to blow that figure out of the water.

Representative Ashley Hinson (R-IO) accused the Biden Administration of “living in an alternate reality.” She pointed out that the migrants themselves are a greater security threat than the supposed dangers of ‘climate change,’ with a sharp increase in terrorist activity, sex trafficking, and drug cartels funneling their operations through the border while Biden does nothing to effectively stem the tide.

Hinson says that Biden needs to bring his attention to “stopping the surge of illegal immigrants and prioritize supporting our border patrol agents.”

Author: Virginia Davis