Hollywood Stars Hilariously Boycott Entire State

Georgia recently adopted new voting legislation which allows for early voting, prohibits food and drink to be within 150 feet of polling stations and most importantly, requires voters to show state-issued ID to acquire an absentee ballot.

After the state law passed, riled Hollywood elites started to exercise what power they could muster in protest.

Director James Mangold, and actor Mark Hamill both announced that they would boycott the entire state until the law is overturned.

Mark Hamill said that he is unwilling to perform any filming in Georgia, and Mangold promised to never direct a film in the state.

The Hollywood Reporter noted however, that asking the film industry to boycott Georgia would harm the crew members and stars who work there.

Actor Steve Coulter, who appears in productions such as “Yellowstone” and “P Valley” asked Mangold to rethink his decision.

He said that the Democrats in the state worked hard to gain the two Democratic Senators. “Your boycott only hurts us,” he argued, asking him to “Think before you cancel.”

Tyler Perry, owner of one of the largest film studios in Georgia issued a statement saying that bailing on the state the moment that it turns Democrats is a bad move.

Author: Pete Mitchell

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