Hollywood Reverses Course After Woke Backfire Costs Them Dearly

The name’s Bond, Jane Bond? Most certainly not, and the producer of the famous and seemingly undying franchise has confirmed as much.

Barbara Broccoli, the famed Hollywood producer who, alongside her half-brother Michael Wilson, oversees the James Bond movies, turned down increasing demands from woke entertainment influencers that insist that the next 007 must be a woman.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Broccoli said that agent 007 must remain a man because it’s in poor taste to make “women play men’s roles” when you can simply “make characters for women.” She added that “movies for women” and “about women” are their own thing.

Broccoli did give a small offering at the altar of woke, saying that while Bond’s character must be British, that it could be a British citizen of any ethnicity or race.

Daniel Craig’s fifth and last movie as the famous agent went out with a bang in the franchise’s latest release No Time To Die. Since the film’s end, much speculation has taken place as to who the next 007 may be; the current rumor mill mentions the names of Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, and, my favorite suggestion, Tom Hardy.

Craig himself has taken a public stance against the next Bond being a woman, though his predecessor, Pierce Brosnan, voiced support for the idea.

During Broccoli’s interview, she discussed the $8.45 billion purchase of MGM studios, the controller of the Bond movie franchise, by Amazon.

Broccoli said that despite the change in ownership, their creative decision making will not be affected. She said that she hasn’t yet spoken with Jeff Bezos, but is assuming that the 26th Bond film “will be an MGM film under an Amazon banner.”

The latest film in the franchise experienced nosediving box office performance after swallowing the ‘woke’ pill with too much eagerness and gratuity. Woke identity politics were plastered everywhere in the film, with a black female 007 and the ‘revelation’ that Q is a homosexual.

It seems, though, that this franchise’s leadership might have taken the hint after receiving a proper thrashing in the place it hurts most… their wallets.

Author: Erik Daniels