Hero Marine Wears Biden’s Least Favorite Outfit To His Award Ceremony

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen the video of a United States Marine veteran that stopped a robbery from happening at a convenience store in Arizona. Well, the hero has just become legendary in the eyes of most conservatives, as he just accepted his away from the Yuma Sheriff’s Office for his ‘exceptional courage and extraordinary heroism.’ But guess what he was wearing? A “Let’s go Brandon” T-shirt. Ooh, sorry, not sorry, Biden.

The marine, James Kilcer, received the aware on Tuesday of this week following the incident that happened on the 20th of October.

Leon Wilmot, the local Sheriff, gave Kilcer his award, which is designated as the highest possible aware for citizens who act in ways that warrant some sort of recognition. Kilcer received his for the courage and heroism it took to voluntarily aid another citizen that involved a criminal doing something that was life threatening. He took a great personal risk to save and protect his fellow human’s life.

As for the shirt, what was once just a profane, anti-Biden phrase that was chanted at football games all around the nation, has now become “let’s go Brandon’ after a reporter from NBC seemingly misheard, possibly intentionally, a crowd that was chanting the profane words while interviewing a NASCAR driver. The slogan went viral on social media sites, especially among MAGA supporters that are unhappy with Biden and his administration.

Kilcer also wore a MAGA hat while he accepted the award.

Kilcer says he is very concerned with his own safety and others’ safety. That’s why he acted the way that he did. Kilcer was able to take the gun from an armed attacker, and hit two other attackers with a bag full of his purchases from the store. He was successfully able to disarm the attacker with the gun and prevent the armed robbery from occurring.

The clerk at the gas station was worked up a little from the incident, and jumped over the convenience store counter to chase after the suspects.

Kilcer said it was his time as a marine that helped him be prepared to stop the robbery, and that muscle memory was a huge part of his success.

The armed perpetrator is now in the Yuma Juvenile Justice Center.

Author: Kyle Kelley