Here’s What Thanksgiving Weekend Looked Like In Biden’s America

While hardworking Americans that could enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend with their loved ones, others in Biden’s consequence-free America were busy looting and ransacking businesses with unsettling amounts of coordination and force.

Across the country, full-fledged pillaging bonanzas took place. Most notable though, was the plight of California’s Bay Area, as groups of looters ransacked retailers and shopping centers all throughout Thanksgiving week.

In Monterey, California, a group of four stormed a Sunglass Hut, stealing off with what’s estimated to be $30,000 in sunglasses, according to police reports.

Shauna Weirich, the store manager, said that the bandits grabbed and smashed and that the entire event took no longer than two minutes. She explains that the thieves “just knew what to do, when to do it… how to get the most out of [it].”

That same day in Lakewood, California, a group of eight young men stole hand tools from a Home Depot. The total value of the tools was estimated at $400. More concerning, is how they reacted when Hope Depot employees tried to stop them. Luis Romo, an employee that witnessed the event, explained that the group threatened to use sledgehammers and other tools against “whoever got in the way.”

According to the Lakewood Police Department, a vehicle matching witness’s descriptions was stopped and four individuals were taken into custody. Some of the missing property was discovered as well.

It wasn’t just California where violent crimes took place during the season of thanks. Two entire mobs of looters targeted multiple Best Buys in the metro Minnesota area during the weekend.

Both at tacks were conducted after 8:00 in the evening. According to police reports, the mob consisted of between 20 and 30 individuals who rampaged a Burnsville outlet, nearly simultaneous with a group of 10 to 12 who struck a Maplewood Best Buy.

As of yet, no injuries have been reported and no suspects arrested in relation to these crimes.

In Chicago, more looting was documented on Black Friday, where three men filled up trash bags with merchandise from a Chicago Foot Locker, and then fled the area.

Though Black Friday saw numerous organized thefts all across the country, the trend of looting was prevalent in the days leading up to the holiday weekend.

The lack of accountability, a failure to be tough on crime, has led to an unsafe America where criminals know they’re safe to simply take what they cannot earn.

In Biden’s America, no business owner is safe.

Author: Sean Coleman