Here’s The Exact Number Of Children Biden Left To Die In Afghanistan

38 California schoolchildren remain trapped in Afghanistan, abandoned by Democrat President Joe Biden for a full 36 days now.

The possibly permanent loss of so many of America’s youth is a black mark upon the conscience of the corrupt American media which has failed to sufficiently cover this shocking truth. Even California’s own L.A. Times is barely offering coverage of the tragedy due to how poorly it would reflect on Biden. It’s just more proof than anyone needs that the fake news apparatus is completely in servitude to Democrats and is willing to sacrifice children in their efforts.

The L.A. Times lackluster report stated that seven students belonging to three families were able to make it safely back to the Sacramento area, but 38 students are still missing. The school district’s director of communications, Raj Rai, blandly stated that he remains “hopeful of their… return.”

American children trapped in a terrorist country for 36 days, how is this possible? It’s only possible due to the sociopath Joe Biden, the tactical genius who ordered that the military pull out before all of our citizens and allies had been safely removed.

As far as we know, the 38 missing children represent just one school district from one state. There might well be countless more of America’s citizens, not to mention children, who remain trapped in the clutches of the radical Jihadist Taliban.

One reason we don’t know how many Americans remain trapped there is because the State Department is keeping it a secret. The establishment media, who keeps throwing smoke screens for Biden, is perfectly content to allow the administration to get away with one of the worst tragedies in American history.

These Americans are doubtlessly being held hostage by the Taliban, and while the official numbers are supposedly in the “low hundreds,” it’s far more likely that the government and media are just covering for Biden and abandoning thousands of American citizens still trapped within the foreign country.

There is no good reason why these children haven’t been returned to the U.S. safely if they’re not being held hostage. There is nothing on earth that would stop them other than the Taliban.

We know that the Taliban are using hostages to ransom concessions from the White House, and Biden’s track record is one of paying out, encouraging further hostage-taking.

Author: Carl Bates