Harris ‘Politically Very Stupid’ Says Top Analyst

Senior political analyst for Fox News, Brit Hume, weighed in on the dismal situation of Vice President Kamala Harris who recently suggested the “rural” Americans are incapable of finding office supply stores to photocopy their driver’s licenses so they can submit them to state election authorities.

Hume explains that voter ID is a “tricky issue” for Democrats who stand in opposition to election fidelity laws, but says that they are still doing their best to “make the most of” weak arguments against it.

Hume sees the left as attempting to smear Republicans as a party of those “who want to suppress the vote,” but explains that their strategy is failing as Republican-backed laws are passing with popular support nationwide, and voter I.D. laws are “very high on that list.” His determination is that “it’s politically really stupid to… criticize voter I.D.”

Kamala Harris spoke over the weekend, claiming that people living “in rural communities” that lack “Kinko’s or OfficeMax” don’t have the means to register for voting instates such as Texas, Pennsylvania, and Georgia which have all sought out laws to strengthen their election integrity.

Hume added that Biden’s advisers are probably rethinking the pragmatism of placing Harris front-and-center on controversial issues such as illegal immigration, election reform, and border security because as Hume puts it, she appears “at times lighter than air.”

Harris recently faced criticism for her belated visit to El Paso, Texas following weeks of being shredded by critics for failing to take her appointment as Border Czar seriously. Critics also quickly pointed out that El Paso lies 800 miles away from the Rio Grande, which is the epicenter of the human trafficking, illegal immigration and drug trafficking crisis that’s ravaging more representative regions such as Del Rio, Roma, and McAllen.

Hume also spoke about the Republican party’s situation in upcoming elections, suggesting that Trump’s political platform and policies are widely popular amongst right-wing voters, but sees Trump himself as a divisive figure. He suggested that moderate Republicans “wouldn’t mind… if he went away,” and said that the party would fare well against Democrats in any case because the Biden administration’s failures “have left [Republicans] plenty of opportunities.”

Author: Natalie Johnston