Guess Which Billionaire Is Behind The Brutal Attack On a Moderate Democrat

A recent report from The Free Beacon shed some context on the bathroom assault of moderate Democrat Senator Kyrsten Sinema over the weekend. Members of Arizona’s Living United for Change organization cornered the senator and demanded that she vote along party lines for Democrat President Joe Biden’s massive $3.5 trillion budget resolution. What wasn’t known at the time, was that big money politics was behind the attack.

What leftist nonsense isn’t billionaire George Soros behind? Yet again, the meddling mega-wealthy Hungarian has reared his ugly head in American politics, this time, it turns out that Soros is the largest donor of Living United For Change, granting the group $250,000 in 2017 and later a whopping $1.5 million in 2019.

The Soros funded vigilantes demanded that Sinema vote in favor of Biden’s “Build Back Better” bill, as well as legislation which effectively makes the U.S. an open borders nation.

Sinema criticized her assailants actions as “inappropriate,” when describing how the group “deceptively enter[ed] a locked… building” before sharing their footage on social media.

On Monday, Sinema recalled the event as not being a “legitimate protest,” and slammed the organization’s leadership for their willingness to instruct members to engage in unlawful tactics.

Living United for Change is a left-wing promotional group that also receives thousands of dollars from Bold PAC, which is described as a fundraising apparatus for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The committee of Bold PAC includes over three dozen Democrat colleagues of Sinema’s in both the House and the Senate. Bold PAC’s website lists Senator Catherine Cortez Masto (NV), Robert Menendez (NJ), and Alex Padilla (CA) as members. None of these representatives have yet made public comment about Living United’s actions towards Sinema.

Living United also accepted money from billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, who dumped enormous amounts of money into politics in recent years for groups focused on immigration as well as the National Education Association.

Author: Jesse Lamb