Guess What America’s Favorite Climate Czar Did This Weekend?

A reporter from Iceland, Jóhann Bjarni Kolbeinsson, asked the climate czar in the US, John Kerry, back in February if he believed that using a private jet to get to Rykajavik back in 2019 to get his hands on the Artic Circle award, which is given to those who show impressive climate leadership, was an environmentally responsible thing to do.

Just this week, Daily Mail said that Kerry flew his own private jet to Obama’s 60th birthday party in Martha’s vineyard. He also happens to own a rambler worth $11 million there.

He of course is denying the story through his state department spokesperson who said that Kerry actually lives on Martha’s Vineyard and that he didn’t travel to Martha’s Vineyard for a party, saying that he also took a ferry to get there, and didn’t fly in on a commercial or private jet.

This statement really doesn’t mean anything, though, because there isn’t anyone accusing the climate czar of using his plane to get to Obama’s compound. The point is that Kerry’s private jet is incredibly busy. He flies with his family very often to get to Sun Valley, where they have a house, D.C. where they have another house, LA and Boston, where again, he has another house. Because apparently Kerry thinks the earth isn’t as important as a drive that would take 2.5 hours. His plane only costs an average of $15,500 an hour, too.

And yet he is completely confused as to why this type of hypocrisy is fueling angry nationwide, as he flies around the country on his carbon-spewing jet. Hundreds of maskless, Hollywood elitists danced the night away at Obama’s B-day bash, while everyone else is still trying to yell through their useless mask at the supermarket just so they can be heard – even if you’ve been vaccinated.

Marrying into wealth carries nice perks with it, and Kerry is entirely within his rights to enjoy the many conveniences afforded him by the modern world. The issue with Kerry is the same issue as Obama’s birthday party, it’s the ivory tower elites demanding that the laity surrender their freedoms and comforts for the communal good, while they take a free pass.

Some would say this brand of gotcha doesn’t prove anything, that Kerry’s flights are just a small part of a big picture. They would say that even if Kerry is himself a hypocrite, that his climate message is still just as true and valid. But this is almost beside the point as climate alarmists at the U.N. gave a stark warning that today’s climate change marks our last chance to adopt policies that dramatically reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. For those not aware, 2019 marked the first ‘last chance’ to save the planet.

The issue is that Kerry himself seems very comfortable about the whole affair. If he and other climate technocrats were true believers in climate change, then they wouldn’t act the way that they do, in the same way that if elites actually believed in a Delta variant of COVID, that they wouldn’t go to large parties.

Author: Diane Powers