Greta Thunberg Tears Joe Biden a New One For Lousy Leadership

Radical Left activist Greta Thunberg recently slammed Democrat President Joe Biden during an interview with The Washington Post, saying that she thought it “strange” that anyone could think of Biden as a leader on climate issues.

Thunberg, known for her extremists remarks about the climate, took aim at Biden when she was asked whether she took any inspiration from current world leaders, including Biden.

Thunberg quickly slammed the Biden administration for failing to deliver enough on the climate front. Despite Biden’s many anti-fossil fuel initiatives since the beginning of his term, Thunberg claims that America is “expanding fossil fuel infrastructure… why is the U.S. doing that?” she asked. Thunberg then complained that teenagers and activists were having to spend too much time on awareness work rather than attending school as they would rather.

Thunberg said that the most important thing she wants to convince politicians of is that climate change “is the emergency…. a crisis that we don’t understand.” She added that many carbon emissions models fail to fully account for total realized emissions, citing that her home country of Sweden only measures an approximate third of actual emissions in their reporting.

Thunberg has a reputation for her over-the-top, histrionic notes combined with petulant demands for world leaders to solve regarding her personal climate crisis. She literally said that she told the world that she “wanted you to panic” when she spoke at the Davos World Economic Forum last year.

Other fearmongering or mindboggling statements from Thunberg include a demand in 2020 through an op-ed in The Guardian where she demanded that all financial institutions “immediately halt all investments in fossil fuel… and completely divest from fossil fuels… right now.”

In 2019, Thunberg claimed that fossil fuels were “colonial, racist… patriarchal” and have created a “crisis of human rights, of justice… of political will… we need to dismantle them all.”

Also in 2019, Thunberg claimed that “entire ecosystems are collapsing” and that the world was at the brink of “a mass extinction.”

Author: Kevin Young