Greedy Biden Makes Americans Pay For Their Lives — Literally

A report that broke on Thursday alleged that Biden’s administration is charging U.S. citizens thousands of dollars for evacuation flights leaving Afghanistan, and higher rates for non-citizens.

Politico reported that despite promises from U.S. officials that the evacuation flights would be free, people on the ground in Kabul are telling a different story. One witness at the airport told the news outlet that State Department staff demanded large payments for an evacuation trip, as much as $2000 for Americans, and more for non-citizens.

Politico confronted the State Department regarding the matter, and they didn’t deny what was going on.

The spokesperson from the state department said that U.S. law requires that such evacuations be “reimbursable to the maximum extent practicable,” and said that the department does it’s best to “overcome obstacles as they arise.”

In plain terms, the Biden administration is milking cash from people to get their evacuation flight as they flee the country to save their own lives.

Representative Claudia Tenney (R-NY) gave an immediate response to the report and said that she would begin drafting legislation right away to prohibit the government from charging Americans for the life-saving flights.

Tenney slammed Biden on Twitter for creating a situation that he then charges people to escape from, and announced her plan to block his greedy policy.

Spokesman Ned Price of the State Department gave an opposing statement to the Daily Caller, claiming that there was “no intention” to seek reimbursement money from people fleeing Afghanistan, contradicting the statement made earlier from the same agency.

The State Department’s webpage has a line identifying situations similar to the one if Afghanistan, where private transport out of a country is impossible. It describes how whatever transportation is available, and regardless of which agency provides it, citizens “are generally responsible” for making reimbursement payments to the government to cover “the cost of their travel.”

On the State Department’s FAQ page regarding the same issue, a question is asked if the government might pay for the evacuation if it’s “needed.” In the first line, the response says “No.” The only caveat is that funds need not be given up-front since the government understands that access to one’s own money isn’t always possible in a crisis. In such situations, you have to sign a loan form for the required amount.

Author: Sammy Pittman