[GRAPHIC]Israel Blows Dozens Of Terrorists To Smithereens

On Thursday, the Israel Defense Forces reported that it successfully carried out an airstrike against a crucial intelligence headquarters that was in use by the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas in Gaza. The strike is said to have killed “dozens” of terrorist operatives quartered in the building.

The IDF released video footage of the airstrike in question.

According to the Jerusalem Post, the IDF also destroyed Hamas’s central bank and the home of a top terrorist commander in addition to the dozens of Hamas operators in the intelligence complex.

The IDF is planning a ground invasion into Gaza to hunt down Hamas terrorists and their weapons in the coming days. An IDF spokesperson said that “the initiative is ours and time is on our side.”

The Jerusalem Post reports that Israel’s military has called out 7,000 reservists along with stored artillery and other military vehicles, mobilizing at the border of Gaza.

In the meantime, Hamas continues to launch rocket attacks against Israeli cities, such as Tel Aviv. Terrorists are also using drones to attack Israeli communities in the South of the country.

Author: Josh Weaver

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