Government Arrest Reveals Radical Anti-Religious Crackdown

Religious freedom just took a major blow in Canada. Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski, the same man who defended his parish against armed thugs on Easter has been arrested by heavily armed SWAT police for the crime of “inciting” members of his church to gather for religious observance.

Pawlowski was made to kneel on a wet and busy highway to receive handcuffs, treated as though he were a dangerous criminal.
Just last week a Canadian judge granted a warrant for police to use “anything necessary” to arrest Pastor Pawlowski.

Canadian police tracked him down on the highway traveling between his church and home, using needless force to arrest him.

Rebel News is promoting a legal defense fund for Pawlowski, and reported that arresting people for holding religious gatherings is something “police states do, not liberal democracies.”

Author: Danny Freeman

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