GOP States Win Big Against Progressive Nonsense

Another state has adopted legislation which blocks biological born males from participating in women’s and girls sports.

Arkansas bill SB354, the ‘Fairness in Women’s Sports Act’ was signed into law on Thursday by Governor Asa Hutchinson. He says that the bill will protect sports that were “designed for women’s competition” from transgendered men.

20 states have had similar legislation introduced just this year, though groups such as the NCAA are pushing back on those state laws.

A North Carolina bill cites scientific literature which proves that men who attempt to become transgendered women by use of hormones and other practices are not sufficiently diminished on the sports field. “The male performance advantage is largely retained” according to the bill.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves signed similar legislation into law earlier in the month. He said that he “never imagined dealing with this,” adding that because of the president’s executive orders on the issue; “[Biden] left us no choice.”

Author: Rob Mackey

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