GOP State Gives Progressives a History Lesson They Won’t Forget

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed House Bill 2497 into law recently. The bill, which was sponsored by state Representative Tan Parker, is an educational bill which ensures that Texas schools teach their students “why Texas became… exceptional in the first place,” as Abbot stated.

The bill is titled the “1836 Project,” and refers to the year in which Texas won its independence from the Mexican dictator Santa Anna in a heroic rebellion. The law promotes teaching Texas’s history in all the state’s public schools, starting with pre-historic times and running through the Spanish colonial era, to it’s years as a Mexican province, through it’s revolution and afterwards.

The contributions of Texas’s healthy blend of indigenous, black, Tejano, and white inhabitants will be highlighted in the history. Texas might have failed in their 1836 revolution but for the critical contributions of leaders of the Tejano, such as Lorenzo de Zavala and Juan Seguin.

Additionally, a “welcome wagon” project proposed by some Texans has been suggested as becoming part of state law as well, which would give all Texas newcomers a pamphlet that outlines the state’s history and policies which make it unique.

On Twitter, progressives and leftists were quick to attack the law because they insist that all of American history, to include Texas history, is fundamentally racist. They feel threatened by and can’t stand the idea of acknowledging a history of Texas and the U.S. that is positive in any way.

The rise of the explicitly racist educational concept called “critical race theory” has made such legislative measures necessary. Woke corporations and media such as the New York Times have been promoting CRT education in schools across America, teaching youth that white people are fundamentally bad and responsible for every ill in the world. Laws such as the Texas HB2497 are being adopted by many Republican led states in order to balance the teaching of CRT in public education.

The left is continually losing its footholds in Texas however, with Fort Worth recently flipping from a longtime Democrat stronghold to electing Republican candidate Mattie Parker as mayor this past weekend. McAllen, Texas, another Democrat electoral fortress that’s 85% Hispanic also elected a Republican Mayor, Javier Villalobos. Even the Austin, Texas city council got a Republican representative with Mackenzie Kelly.

Texas Democrats are panicking as the public becomes wise to what it really means to live under their tragically failing policies.

Author: Wilbur Dean