GOP Lawmaker Completes Epic Takedown Of Rogue BLM Leader

Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) lander herself in hot water recently with calls for violence and lawbreaking should the trial of Derek Chauvin not turn out the way she pleases.

In response, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy announced his plan to censure Waters for inciting violence, a move which would strip Waters of her Committee assignments.

McCarthy’s statement outlined Water’s multiple violations of the law, such as violation of curfew and calls for violence. He laid out how law enforcement is already overburdened and endangered by the public in Minnesota at this time and called Water’s comments “fuel on the fire.”

McCarthy also recalled that this is not the first time Maxine Waters has issued “violent rhetoric” to suit her aims, as she called for the public harassment of members of the Trump administration in 2018.

Waters spoke at a Minnesota protest last weekend, instructing protestors to “get more active” and “confrontational” should Chauvin be acquitted by his jurors. She explicitly demanded that protestors break law by telling them that they have “got to to stay on the street.”

Kevin McCarthy has called on house members from both parties to back the effort to censure Waters in order to help maintain “peace on America’s streets.”

Author: Arthur Florian

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