GOP Governor Slams Mail-In Voting On CNN

Governor Tate Reeves of Mississippi says that mail-in voting should be abolished in every state due to concerns about fraud.

He recently spoke about the issue on CNN, where he was put under pressure to confirm that Biden was the legal President of the United States.

Reeve’s said that while Biden is the “duly elected president” he immediately pointed out how mail-in voting is not allowed in his state because “it allows for lots of opportunities for fraud.” Then suggesting that other states should follow a similar policy.

His host, Jake Tapper, continued to press him for a conceding statement about the validity of the 2020 election. “I do not hear you saying [Biden] was legitimately elected,” he prodded. Tapper then named all of the officials who confirmed the election, to include some Republican officials. He concluded his statements with “This is a dangerous conspiracy… it inspired a domestic terrorist attack.”

Reeve’s responded by repeating that Biden is the “duly elected president.” He then said that while the election had been officially certified, that it does not mean the election process of every state was or is good and secure.

“In [Mississippi], we do not allow mail in voting… and I don’t think [it] should be allowed in other states.”

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