GOP Governor Rebels Against Biden — And He’s Got An Army

Republican Governor Doug Ducey of Arizona announced his plan to take action to secure his borders, since the Biden administration is dragging it’s heels as they allow the border crisis to spiral out of control.

Ducey will send 250 National Guard troops to defend the border of his state.

The governors office also announced that they will set aside $25 million to aid state and local law enforcement, like state troopers for example.

Guard members are expected to help install and maintain barrier infrastructure, and analyze and utilize satellite imagery to combat smugglers.

Last month, Texas Governor Greg Abbot similarly deployed 500 members of the Texas National Guard to the southern border. Texas is facing the greatest surge in migrant arrivals.

Morale amongst agents at the border is reportedly at an all time low. During the Trump era, border agents were bolstered by the fact that the president had their back. But now, Biden is issuing gag orders to border agents, instructing them to be uncooperative with the media, and prohibiting them from using terms like “illegal alien” as it is supposedly offensive.

Democrats priorities are completely backwards. It’s estimated that 2 million illegal aliens will cross the border during the pandemic period, and the greatest priority of the left is to ensure that illegal aliens don’t feel offended rather than protect the American people.

Author: Kate Perkins

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