GOP County Gives Whole New Meaning To ‘Kick The Can’

A North Carolina county has decided to ban Coca-Cola machines as a response to the company’s entrenched decision to adopt and push radical left-wing politics. The county says that they’re going to punch back in the culture war.

Surry County commissioner, Eddie Harris, said that the left wing is responsible for “all sorts of egregious actions,” citing common tactics such as removing statues, boycotting, cancel culture, and defunding of police. Harris said that the left expects their opponents to “cower in the corner” and “accept that. . . it’s supposed to be OK,” adding that “it’s not OK.”

The county commissioners voted in favor of the ban 3-2, meaning that Coca-Cola vending machines are not allowed in county-owned buildings. The ban was a particular response to the company’s criticisms against the state of Georgia for enacting a set of voter integrity laws.

Harris wrote a letter on behalf of the county to Coca-Cola CEO, James Quincey, calling the company’s position “wrong on many levels.”

He criticized Coca-Cola for their failure to acknowledge true atrocities, such as China’s mistreatment of Uighurs in concentration camps, pointing out that the soda giant happily sells it’s products there without being concerned for human rights.

Harris continued to blast Coca-Cola for adopting explicitly racist hiring practices and giving employees anti-white training. A whistleblower at the company revealed training materials which instructed employees to be “less white.”

Harris concluded by saying that the citizens of Surry County are through with mega corporations “pushing” a “divisive political agenda.”

Author: Carol Mathis