GOP Congressman’s Widow Makes History

Louisiana’s first Republican woman has just been elected to Congress. Dr. Julia Letlow has taken the seat of her late husband, who passed away from symptoms of COVID-19 just weeks before his swearing in to office last year.

Letlow was interviewed by “Fox & Friends” this past Monday to discuss the legacy of her husband, Luke Letlow. She said that Luke was excited for the opportunity to serve the “district that we call home.” Letlow also recalled a conversation she had with Luke, during which he encouraged her to run for office herself should the opportunity arise.

A short time after his passing, Letlow described feeling a “calling” and “peace from the Lord” which directed her decision to run for public office.

Luke Letlow passed suddenly on December 29 of 2020, at 41 years old. He suffered severe complications from the coronavirus. Letlow was supposed to be sworn in on January 3rd, and left behind his wife and two children.

Letlow said her plan is to focus on agricultural promotion in her Louisiana district.

Former President Trump called on his supporters to stand behind Julia Letlow for her special election House race. He said “Julia has my complete and total endorsement”

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