Gold Star Mother’s Message To Trump Could Change His Mind On 2024

A Gold Star mother from California, whose Marine son recently perished in the terrorist bombing outside of the Kabul international airport just last month invited former President Donald Trump to attend her son’s funeral. She referred to Trump as “the real president.”

Shana Chappell’s son, Kareem Nikoui was amongst the 13 American service members who died on August 26 as a result of a terrorist bomb attack. Chappell shared on Facebook that she wished Trump could have been the president when she had to lay her son to rest.

Inviting Trump to the funeral, she added that “it would be… an honor” to meet him and said that both she and the entire country loves him.

Trump issued a public response through his Save America PAC giving thanks to Chappell for her kind words, adding that the country loves both her and her son Kareem. Trump did not commit in to attending Nikoui’s funeral on Sept. 18th in his public statement.

Both of Nikoui’s parents have publicly declared that they blame Democrat President Joe Biden for the death of their son. Kareem’s father, Steve Nikoui, said that Biden “turned his back” on Kareem. He said that Kareem was initially sent to Afghanistan “as a paper pusher,” and was left vulnerable when the Taliban was set in charge of airport security.

Chappell tore into Biden on Facebook, promising that he will remember her and reckon with her. She recounted how appalled she was that he tried to “give me [his] own sob story,” and had to remind him that the situation was not about him. She declared that her son’s blood, and the blood of all 13 slain service members was on his hands.

Chappell said that Biden is “weak” as well as “a traitor” for the way in which he conducted the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Trump gave a personal response to that social media post, backing up Chappell as “100% correct.” Trump promised Chappell that if he had been the standing president, the Kareem would be safe and alive, as well as the other 12 service members.

Trump outlined Biden’s failure to evacuate citizens before sending the military out. He also slammed Biden for leaving the Taliban with $85 billion in military assets.

“I love you… I love Kareem,” Trump signed off with.

Author: Leah Smith