Former Obama Scientist Reveals The Truth About Climate Change

A top American physicist who served as Undersecretary for the Department of Energy under former President Obama just released a new book that pushes back against climate change hysterics. It also debunks the popular myth that science has “settled” the issue of climate change.

Physicist Steven Koonin makes it clear in the first few sentences that our planet’s climate ‘science’ is far from being a “settled” matter. He demonstrates four major markers of the falsehood of climate change. That heat waves are just as common today as they were in 1900, that the warmest recorded temperatures have not risen in the last 50 years, that human activity has no connection to hurricane frequency in the past century, and that net anthropogenic climate change will be negligible throughout the end of the next century.

The book hits shelves at the same time as the Biden administration attempts to push a $2.5 trillion ‘Green’ infrastructure package on American taxpayers, all backed by the claim that the ‘climate crisis’ is a problem and that only government spending can fix it.

Author: John Mansfield

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