Female Swimming Official Rebukes Transgendered Athletes

After holding her job for more than 30 years, an official of USA Swimming resigned in protest after making a statement about the unfair advantage that transgendered female swimmers have over biologically female swimmers.

Controversial transgender swimmer Lia Thomas of the University of Pennsylvania recently demolished the competition when set against a field of biologically female swimmers.

Swimmers from the female team, as well as parents, voiced frustration over the unfair circumstance. Thomas beat the next-best swimmer by a full 38 seconds, demonstrating that transgendered sportswomen don’t just have an edge, but completely destroy any concept of fair play when they compete.

Under ruse of the NCAA, transgendered athletes must undergo a year of testosterone-suppression before they are allowed to compete as a woman. Thomas fulfilled this requirement but still clearly had an extreme physiological advantage over the competition. Additionally, Thomas was a competitive male swimmer who received accolades during 2018 and 2019.

However, Cynthia Millen, who has officiated USA Swimming for over 30 years, “hung up her whistle last week in protest” following the incident with Thomas.

Millen notified the governing body on December 17th, warning that competitive swimming “is being destroyed” by transgendered swimmers like Thomas. She added that if she had been in charge of officiating the event which Thomas won, she would have declared him ineligible to compete.

The swimming official added that the physiological differences between women and men become readily apparent in a swimming pool, saying that the best female swimmers in the world, such as Olympic champion Katie Ledecky, still isn’t competitive against elite male swimmers.

Millen says that the “T-shape… broad shoulders, narrow hips” that men possess make them superior swimmers than women who have “got more drag… hips… boobs, they’ve got body fat.”

Millen argued that the best male swimmers can reliably bet Katie Ledecky with an 8-12% faster differential. “Equally trained, they will always win,” she noted.

Regarding the permitting of transgendered athletes in women’s sports, Millen said “this is not being inclusive. This is being deceitful.”

Author: Karen Griffin